What is SEO and how does Search Engines work

SEO flow chart on a whiteboard

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the way of marketing over web. Whenever you search something on the web, the search engine returns some results. There will be numerous links to many websites over many pages but the most relevant websites will be on the first page, on the top and this is done by ranking. This is a strategy of marketing on the web and so some websites have better rank than some other websites are known as Search Engine Optimization. This technique helps to rank your website higher among the various other websites when a search is made through a search engine. The more a website occurs due to a particular search, the more visits it will get from users. There are various fields on which SEO targets like academic search, video search, image search and news search.

The basic thing to know is that search engine is not a human and so the way it searches for relevant answers on the internet is different from the perspective of a human search. Search engines don’t understand the features like good design or sounds or movements but are completely text driven. It crawls the web to find relevant answers for your search.

Search engines crawls the internet and this is performed by programs which are called Crawler or Spider or Googlebot in case for Google search engine. These crawlers crawl the web from one link to another and try to search the best answer for your query but there are billions of websites on the internet and it can’t visit all the websites on each search. This is why it visits the most viewed and popular websites regarding your search query. Sometimes it may not visit a site for months as there are so many websites to crawl through. You may think what actually does a crawler see in your website and this you can find out by a spider simulator and see what is visible and what is not. If they are not visible, then crawlers can see them and can’t be indexed or processed.

The next step after crawler is indexing. Whatever the crawler crawls it has to be indexed. The indexed pages are stored in huge databases and these can be used later. Indexing is identifying the expressions and words that tells something about the page and give a particular keyword to that page. Humans can’t check so many pages at a time and so crawlers are beneficial and if we help them to optimize the crawlers then it will help them to find queries more correctly than before for you. So when the request comes, the search engines processes the query and check the indexed pages for relevant search pages. The last step is to retrieve the data.

Major differences between search engines

The major and minor differences between the search engines is Result relevancy though the ultimate working of the search engines are all the same. To conquer more than one search engine then you have to optimize them carefully. There are different search engines like Google Search, Yahoo Search or Bing Search. All these are different from each other in some ways like the most important thing in Yahoo and Bing is that they give primary importance to on-page keyword while Google links are of utmost importance. So if you want your website to be on the top list of google search page then you need to give it some time to mature.

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